Our Vision

To be with empowered Tanzanians’ youth and women able to use their mental and physical abilities, discover and utilize national potentials for sustainable socioeconomic development.

Our Mission

Promoting the participation of youth and women in public affairs by empowering them in Social Accountability Monitoring, Economic Strengthening, Civic Education, Resource governance, Health Nutrition Assessment and Counselling.

Our Objectives

In order for DHWYT vision, mission and goal to be realized, the following objectives will be pursued:

  1. To facilitate and empower youth and women on areas of social accountability monitoring and provide them with an understanding of how people should demand clarification, justification, validation and correction in order to promoting transparency and accountability in the implementation of all public activities.

  2. To enhance women and youths in economic strengthening and enable them to access capital for entrepreneurship and acquire land for agribusiness.

  3. To provide continues civic education on governance, democracy and human rights.

  4. To empower and facilitate youth and women on health, nutrition assessment and counselling.

  5. To advocate for government to enact or amend laws and policies positively affecting youth and women and creating conducive environment for their dignity, development and protection.

  6. To advocate for human rights and people’s rights nationally, regionally and participate in the global movements for human rights protection and defending.

  7. To be champions to implanting first six sustainable development goals at regional and district level and participate in domestication at local government plans and interventions.

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