About DHWYTanzania

Door of Hope to Women and Youth Tanzania (DHWYT) is a Non governmental and non-profit organization based in Mtwara region, Tanzania. Since its establishment and inception in 2016 has been striving to promote and empower Tanzanians Youth and Women to make use of their mental and physical abilities in discovering and utilizing the national potentials for sustainable socio-economic development. Before it was fully and legally recognized, it was known as Tanzania Youth and Women Foundation (TYWF). It was later changed its name to Door of Hope to Women and Youth Tanzania (DHWYT) and registered in 2017 under the NGOs Act, 2002. and from there commenced implementation of programs in different regions in Tanzania mainland with a goal of Supporting and Empowering Tanzanians’ Youth and Women to realize their potentials and utilize national opportunities for sustainable socioeconomic development.

Within one year since attaining full and legal registration, DHWYT has focused on institutional development, setting up an organizational governance structure, and ensuring its visibility through fund-raising, membership acquisition to thematic networks and coalitions.

DHWYT envisages promoting productive participation of youth and women in public matters as the result get access to and improved public social services and trigger inclusive sustainable development. DHWYT believes that, once these two groups are empowered in different aspects, particularly with information, will be able to demand and contribute towards government leadership and structure that delivers services to the people inform of job creation, infrastructure development, quality healthcare, enough and clean water and education.

Overall Goal

DHWYT strives to support and empower Tanzanians youth and women for sustainable socio-economic development by promoting their participation in public affairs.

Our Core Values

We are committed to certain fundamental values in all our interactions with categorical stakeholders, the general public, other organisations, individuals and our staff. To achieve the vision and mission, DHWYT will persistently and meticulously abide to the culture built on the following core values:

  1. Integrity and Ethics
  2. Innovation
  3. Team Work
  4. Creativity
  5. Respect
  6. Transparency
  7. Efficiency
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